Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The people demand it...

All right. I've heard your fervent cries. The emphatic emails. The frustrated phone calls. You want more of me. I understand. I do.

So here we are...and not a moment too soon! Only 5 months since my last post! I guess blogging is not my bag.

But, here I sit, typing to you: my beloved public! I also sit, just 1.5 short days from 30 years old. It's a big one! Want to see what 29 looks like? Here it is:

I'll get back to you on Friday with a photo of 30. I'm guessing it will look something like this:

Especially now that I have my own business. High-stress, low has to wonder, why would anyone do this??? Probably cause it's fun. And I have a great partner! Otherwise, I would look into some other profession.
Well y'all, I'll try to keep up with this a little better...for now, that's all!


jenny p.